World-Class Pastries

All of our pastries are baked on site (allowing for multiple daily bakes) – and include beautiful and approachable creations. Viennoiserie all the way through rich cookies, cupcakes, brownies and doughnuts along with savory items – punctuate our menu. Design direction for our kitchen was provided by Executive Pastry Chef, Jill Bates.


Sugar & Sage Classics

  • Kouign Amann – A rich and crisp laminated pastry with layers of butter and caramelized sugar.
  • Classic Butter Croissant – Crafted with French butter, our croissant features a light, honeycombed center and a crisp and flaky exterior.
  • Brioche Feuilletée – Our classic flaky pastry dough wrapped around seasonal flavors such as salted caramel, mocha, cherry sweet cream and everything bagel seasoning with cream cheese.
  • Cupcakes – Rich cake filled with seasonal centers like caramel, strawberry, or lemon curd, and finished with buttercream, cream cheese, or toasted meringue.
  • Pain au Chocolat – A classic French pastry featuring layers of buttery, flaky dough encasing rich, dark chocolate.
  • Sweet and Savory Danish – Made with freshest seasonal ingredients, these danish offer a perfect blend of sweet and savory flavors in a tender, flaky pastry.
  • Brownie – This classic brownie owes its intense flavor and fudgy texture to the finest dark chocolate.
  • Cookies
    • Classic Chocolate Chip: Semi-sweet chocolate punctuated with Maldon sea salt.
    • Triple Chocolate: A decadent mix of cocoa, white, and milk chocolate.
    • Oatmeal: A classic blend of brown sugar and oats, enhanced with seasonal selections like cranberry or butterscotch and chocolate chips.
  • Soft Pretzels – Unique twists on the classics: flavors like everything bagel or sour cream & onion seasoning to our iconic stuffed pizza pretzels or pretzels loaded with melted cheddar and jalapeños.
  • Fresh Artisanal Breads – From the crisp, airy crust of our traditional baguettes to the rich, braided texture of challah, our breads are crafted with care. Enjoy the tangy flavor of our naturally leavened sourdough or the herbed, soft goodness of our focaccia. All breads are made to order.



Laminated Dough Pastries